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"SANTA'S BEST FRIENDS" - $140.00 - Of course Santa is a pet lover! This stocking is perfect for your cat, your dog, or both! It's also perfect for the pet lover in your family. Featuring Santa holding a cat, with an adorable dog in the toe.

"CHRISTMAS SKATE" - $140.00 - An elegant Christmas princess in red, skating on a pond. You'll love all of the snowflakes (including snowflake-shaped sequins), and the lovely detail in this skater's twirly skirt.

"ICE FISHING SNOWMAN" - $140.00 - A sweet snowman and his friends enjoy a day of fishing. Snowman got his first catch of the day. Perfect for the fisherman in your family.

"CAMO SANTA" - $140.00 - This patriotic Santa is perfect for any member of the military. You'll fall in love with this Santa decked out in his camoflauge suit and hat. The little teddy bear is saluting and holding an American flag.

"NOAH'S ARK" - $140.00 - Hippos, giraffes, ducks, a lion, zebra, seal, elephant, camel, and a kangaroo have all found land on Noah's ark. Kids of all ages will love all of the animals.

"SANTA'S SLEIGH" - $145.00 - A traditional Santa in a long coat in his traditional sleigh full of packages, along with extra trims to make the stocking full of detail.

"GLITTER AND GLITZ" - $140.00 - This stocking is done entirely in sequins. The poinsettias and bows, and little white flowers on a burgundy background will go with any decor.

"CHRISTMAS ROUNDUP" - $140.00 - Cowboy Santa and his trusty dog round up all the toys in this adorable Western themed Christmas stocking. You'll love the details in the cactus, the hobby horse, and Santa's Cowboy hat.

"DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW" - $140.00 - Like the famous Christmas carol, this stocking features a one-horse open sleigh riding past an beautiful snow covered church. You'll love the vintage feel and colors.

"BUILDING A SNOWMAN" - $140.00 - A deer, squirrel, birds and a bunny rabbit come together to create a sweet snowman. The name is on the back side of the mitten tag that hangs from the loop.

"TEDDY BEAR" - $140.00 - A classic, sweet teddy bear wears a Santa hat and scarf, and sits under a Christmas tree with a toy train, candy cane in hand. The name arrears on the back side of the sequin-filled christmas lights tag.

"SNOW FAMILY PORTRAIT" - $140.00 - This stocking captures the fun of the annual Christmas card photo. Three adorable snowpeople enjoying the frozen outdoors.

"GLITZ SANTA" - $140.00 - Full of sparkle, features a Santa made entirely out of layered sequins. Perfect for that sparkly person in your life.

"NORTH POLE SANTA" - $140.00 - A jolly St. Nick shows his little reindeer friends the way to the North Pole. This Santa is so adorable, you can't help but smile.

"CHRISTMAS LLAMA" - $140.00 - Who can resist this sweet faced llama carrying Christmas packages and a cactus to the North Pole. This llama is decked out in fun socks, a scarf, hat, and a festive saddle blanket with felt pom-poms.

"MAILBOX SNOWMAN" - $140.00 - Features a traditional tophat clad snowman putting a Christmas card in the Claus's mailbox. A little bunny is also delivery a letter addressed to Santa, as a tiny bird watches.

"TOYS FROM SANTA" - $140.00 - Perfect for the newest baby or child in your life. Santa is surrounded by stuffed animal toys. A teddy bear, a toy duck, a bunny rabbit, and a small deer are excited to find their new homes on Christmas morning.