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Any increase in prices is due to the "Out of Production" kits increase as they get fewer in circulation. Upon request I will line the stocking for an additional $10.00






"SANTA'S LIST" - $125.00 - Santa is checking his list to make sure his helper, Mr. Frosty, packs a special gift in his sack for every good boy and girl on his list. Teddy is peaking out ready to see who his new owner will be.

"JACK FROST " - $140.00 - Jack Frost looks a lot like Frosty the Snowman. Red and green sprig of holly on the gold band on his top hat coordinates nicely with the red and green scarf with gold fringe around his neck.

"CARDINALS" - $135.00 - Cameo frame makes a perfect backdrop for the 2 brightly colored Cardinals. The red bow at the top of the Cameo along with the red band across the top of the stocking and the red toe all combine to enhance the beautiful red Cardinals.

"DOWN THE CHIMNEY " - $125.00 - Santa already has one foot in the chimney as he is about to take his sack of toys and goodies down the chimney to fill all the stockings and put toys and gifts under the tree for the lucky children sleeping in the house.

"THREE KINGS (Wise Men)" - $160.00 - The deep blue sky is a perfect backdrop for the Three wise men dressed in their best finery in anticipation of greetings the new baby and presenting him with gifts. A little lamb is at their feet.

"NATIVITY BABY" - $135.00 - "Joy to the World" is spelled out to remind us what He brought to us all. The angel over the Christ child surrounded by animals and a beautiful decorated Christmas tree.

"SANTA AND HIS SLEIGH" - $130.00 - Santa to be going through the goodies on his sleigh to make sure he picks just the right gift for the next one on his list. From the looks of all the goodies in his sleigh, he has lots to choose from.

"CAROLING SANTA " - $150.00 - Santa and 2 of his reindeer appear to be singing up a storm on this Caroling Santa stocking. There are lots of musical notes floating through the air over Santa's head.

"IN THE WORKSHOP" - $135.00 - Santa working in his workshop, Finished toys hanging to dry, working on a toy train, Has already finished a drum, rocking horse, teddy bear and ball.

"FINISHING TOUCH" - $150.00 - Frosty props Santa, who in turn lifts his tiny elf, who in turns holds a little penquin to add the star as the finishing touch to the tree whic is stunning with sequins and embellishment.

"A SEASON TO BELIEVE " - $150.00 - Santa dressed in his traditional red suit and hat, is watching over the newborn Baby Jesus who is laying in a straw filled manger. A decorated Christmas tree stands behind them. The stocking background is blue sky with stars. The top has a white border trimmed with red and white stripes and a sprig of holly.

"Peace on Earth " - $125.00 - Santa is busy putting the final touches on the Christmas tree in the background of the stocking as a Lion and Lamb are curled up together in front of the tree. There is a white Dove in the toe of the stocking that looks like it is about to land on the end of the PEACE ON EARTH banner at the bottom of the stocking.

"LET IT SNOW " - $150.00 - This is the latest stocking design by Mary Engelbreit featuring an entire family of snow people huddled together to stay cold and show the love they have as a family with a "Let it Snow" banner across the top.

"SNOWFLAKE SNUGGLE" - $140.00 - Mr & Mrs Frosty out for a holiday stroll on a chilly evening. Mr Frosty wearing his favorite top hat and a warm vest. Mrs Frosty wearing a goregeous new hat and her best red dress.

"SNOWMAN AND POLAR BEAR" - $125.00 - The Snowman and Polar don't seem to have a care in the world as they frolick in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The red background with shimmering white snowflakes sprinkled all over it makes the characters stand out.

"GIFTS FROM SANTA" - $140.00 - This happy Santa is loaded down with lots of gifts that are wrapped and ready for delivery. The little train and Jack in the Box with the clown popping out of it is still in need to be wrapped for delivery. The name can go on tag or across top.

"WOODLAND SNOWMAN" - $160.00 - Frosty is all ready to spend Christmas with some of his friends. Owl in the tree, red bird on the birdhouse, a wreath laden deer, a beautiful fox, a bunny rabbit and a polar bear. Name can go on top or on back of pine cones.

"WOODLAND SNOWMAN #2" - $135.00 - This is a new version of the earlier Woodland Snowman. Some of the animals are similar but the snowman has a completely new look. There are enough differences that you could use them as similar stockings for different family members.

"OVER THE ROOFTOPS" - $140.00 - Santa"s Reindeer are pulling Santa, covered with a beautifully decorated lap blanket, and his sleigh full of goodies, through the sky, with a big moon and stars shinning to show them the way. They are going over the snow covered trees, homes and Church of the village below.

"ORNAMENTAL REINDEER " - $140.00 - Rudolph may be one of Santa's favorite Reindeer because of his shiny red nose but I am sure this Reindeer is Santa's favorite when it comes to decorating. The beautiful long curling antlers on this reindeer look like they were specifically created to hold lots of bright glittering Christmas balls and ornaments.

"TRIMMING THE TREE" - $150.00 -Frosty has a little penguin at his feet helping him put the final touches on the Christmas tree they are decorating. There is a little penguin on the front of the name tag hanging from the top of the stocking.

"SNOW ANGEL" - $150.00 - This is quite a different take on the traditional Nativity Scene. The Baby in the manger has a Snow Angel standing guard over it rather than the traditional Angel you usually see. The little lamb at the toe of the stocking.

"NATIVITY" - $140.00 - Two little doves are looking down on Mary and Joseph as they watch over Baby Jesus in his crib in the manger. The little Shepherd boy and 2 of his lambs are sitting in the hay looking on.

"SNOW FUN" - $125.00 - Three snow children, each wearing new sweaters, scarves, caps and gloves, making snowballs and sliding down the hillside. Santa capped Penquin in his tuxedo and a happy bludbird.

"TREE SHOPPING" - $145.00 - Santa and Frosty are out on a very cold moonlit night dressed in their beautiful warm clothes and georgeous scarfs. They not only found a tree, but one already beautifully decorated.

"SNACK TIME " - $160.00 - Santa is enjoying some of the rewards left for him by the good boys and girls he is delivering gifts to. He has a plate of cookies in front of him and a glass of milk in one hand and a cookie in the other.

"SUGAR PLUM FAIRY" - $140.00 - The Fairy Ballerina in her beautiful dress with tiny pearls and her magic wand is surrounded by candies, ginger bread men, lollipops, candy canes, cupcakes.

"TWAS THE NIGHT" - $130.00 - The beautiful Grandfather clock beside Santa shows he is running out of time. . You will see the mouse is actually curled up fast asleep at the base of the clock.

"CUPCAKE ANGEL" - $150.00 - The beautiful angel is sitting on a large cupcake, surrounded by smaller cupakes, gingerbread men, candy canes, and assorted candies.

"FOREST FRIENDS " - $125.00 - Frosty appears with some of his forest friends including a baby reindeer, a bunny, a squirrel and the little red bird fluttering around his hat.