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Upon request I will line the stocking for an additional $10.00.


NEW FOR 2018 -- "SPARKLE SNOWFLAKE" - $135.00 - Glittering icicles dripping with lots of shinny sequins hangs down the top of a dark blue stocking covered in a variety of light blue and white snowflakes. You will also receive a matching ornament of a blue and white snowflake to hang on your tree.

"2 TURTLE DOVES " - $130.00 For those who are fans of the 12 Days of Christmas, this stocking featuring 2 Turtle Doves would be perfect addition to your collection of items depicting various characters from the song. The 2 Turtle Doves appear to be perched on a pine bough covered in festive pine cones and holly sprigs.

"SANTA'S VISIT " - $125.00 - Santa appears to be filling this house with lots of gift as the little dog at his feet watches him do his work. He has several toys sprinkled on the floor as he holds a stocking in one hand and his sack of toys in the other hand. Santa still has to fill b the stocking and put them back on the mantle with care before he moves on to his next stop.

"CHRISTMAS DRIVE " - $125.00 -Santa is out for a drive in a vintage red and green truck packed full of toys and a large Christmas tree. He must have picked up a mail delivery truck or found one during his travels through England or one of the other countries that has the steering wheel on the right . A snow capped hill with a Snowman in the background.

"SNOW GARDEN " - $130.00 - Frosty is all dressed up in his favorite garden clothes as he pushes a Christmas Tree in a brightly colored wheel barrow through his garden planted with a variety of winter themed vegetables.

"CANDY SNOWMAN" - $135.00 - Colorful Snowman with his top hat, beautiful scarf and surrounded with candy canes, loli pops, candy pieces and holly. The name goes on the back of the large Candy Cane that hangs.

"ARTIC SANTA" - $140.00 - Santa has changed his traditional red suit to a beautiful blue suit to make a special trip to visit this Polar bear family in the Artic. Dark blue, and lilac/mauve colors blend in beautifully.

"SNOWFLAKE SNOWMAN " - $135.00 - A smiling snowman dressed in pale blue top hat, mittens and scarf fringed in lavender. Lots of embroidery, blue and white sequins and lots of beads.

"HOLIDAY DECORATING" - $140.00 - Santa and some of his jolly elves is beautifully decorating one of Mrs. Claus boots with holly, lights and a wreath. The roof is covered with starlight candy and snow.

"GOLFING SANTA" - $150.00 - Santa is dressed in his golf outfit as he tries to sink a short putt. His raindeer caddy holds his bag and looks on while a little penquin hold up the Candy Cane that is the hole flag.

"HO HO HO" - $135.00 - Santa is overloaded with beautifully decorated gifts and is dangling a stocking with candy cane as well. A big Ho Ho Ho to bring happy thoughts of Christmas cheer.

"CANDY EXPRESS" - $125.00 - The stocking is part of the train. There is so much detail, the white smoke pouring out, the holly wreath hanging from the engine and the snowman engineer.

"SANTA'S SLED" - $145.00 - Santa is going down the snowy hill with a teddy bear on his lap and a little bird sitting on his head. In the background is the beautiful blue sky and snow covered trees.

"SANTA & SCOTTIE DOG" - $125.00 - It's not clear if the perky dog is taking his gifts out of Santa's bag or helping him to fill it with more toys and goodies but judging by the smile on Santa's face they both seem to be happy.

"SANTA & TEDDY BEAR" - $130.00 - Santa has a cute little Teddy Bear, with his Christmas scarf and hat, helping him fill a basket with Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men, and other assorted goodies. Santa is even holding a big lolly pop and candy cane.

"FOOTBALL SANTA" - $140.00 - Santa is looking pretty spiffy and id gettig et to score as Frosty cheers him on "GO SANTA" from the sidelines. Score a touchdown and get this for the football fan in your family.

"SANTA'S MAIL BOX " - $125.00 - It is not clear how much of the mail or how many gifts around the mail box are being delivered to Santa and how many he is trying to send out but one thing is very clear. ....it is a very busy time for Santa.

"TRADITIONAL SANTA " - $160.00 - Santa is dressed in his Traditional outfit. A sack full of toys, a decorated Christmas tree, and one of his reindeer at his feet.

"CHRISTMAS COOKIES" - $145.00 - Santa in his beautifully trimmed apron and his little elf helper are decorating gingerbread men and cookies. A ginger house is in the corner.

"TEDDY BEAR SANTA" - $130.00 - Teddy Bear is all dressed up in his Santa suit. He has a stocking full of goodies in his paws and a little toy train at this feet.

"HOLIDAY DRIVE " - $125.00 - Santa has his vintage car packed full of presents and even a decorated Christmas tree, as he and Frosty appear to be driving out to make Christmas special for some boys and girls.

"COOLIN IT" - $135.00 - Santa with his poinsettia decorated swim suit & designer sun glasses, relaxing under the palm tree & beautiful umbrella in his lounge chair listening to the waves. Beautiful sea shells all around.

"SNOWMEN GAMES" - $140.00 - The little snowman at the toe of the stocking is holding a snowball as he watches the larger snowman juggling several snowballs at once. They have a bucket of snowballs ready to throw if you get in their way.

"YOUR LOVE MELTS MY HEART " - $150.00 - Frosty & his Snow Lady sharing a snuggle on a frozen pond while a pair of red birds on Frosty's hat & a pair of bunny rabbits at their feet appear to be sharing special moments of their own.

"BOWLING SANTA" - $135.00 - Looks like Santa is taking a break from his busy schedule to relax and play a few games at his favorite bowling alley. He even has his own special bowling pins made up to look like his penguin friends from the North Pole so he will feel at home.

"NORDIC SANTA " - $125.00 - The European themed Nordic Santa takes a moment to give his raindeer pal a well deserved hug. The red and white colors and decorative stitching used through Santa's red suit from the top of his hat all the way down to his white socks.

"FIREMAN SANTA" - $180.00 - Santa is dressed up in his Fireman's regulation garb, holding a fire hose with his perky Dalmation in a Santa hat, with the fire hydrant, big red toy fire truck and presents.

"SNOWMAN WITH PRESENTS" - $150.00 - Frosty and the little Penguin are helping Santa with deliveries as he has a lot of people on his Christmas list. His arms and sleigh are both packed with colorfully wrapped gifts.

"POP UP SANTA" - $140.00 - Santa looks like he's popping up from a beautiful sequined and embroidered box that is 3D, and is surrounded by ornamaments, holly and lots of jingle bells.

"JOLLY ST. NICK " - $125.00 - What could be better than to wake up on Christmas morning to be greeted by this Jolly St Nick smiling at you with a stocking full of goodies. This stocking would suit all ages from toddlers to seniors.